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ComparaTOX™: In Vitro Comparative Toxicity

ComparaTOX: Ranking of drug toxicity performed by HemoGenix 


Advantages of using ComparaTOX™-1 to Predict and Rank Toxicity of Drugs and other Agents


  • ComparTOX™ is used to detect potential toxicity in an array of different cell types derived from most cell systems and up to five different species.
  • The assay platform uses the most sensitive ATP bioluminescence readout technology to measure potential cytotoxicity.
  • ComparaTOX™-1 is built on Bioluminomics™ Technology that incorporates assay calibration and standardization to directly compare the response of different cell types using a single readout.
  • ComparaTOX™-1 allows the ranking and direct comparison of IC and Area Under the Curve (AUC) values.
  • Incorporates high throughput capability (Z Factor > 0.7) using either 96- or 384-well plates formats.
  • The assay platform is designed specifically for proliferating or high metabolic rate cells.
  • Both adherent and non-adherent cell types can be used.
  • Each cell type is cultured in its own specific growth medium.
  • Applicable to 3D in vitro cultures.
  • A 3Rs Assay Platform: Helps Reductioin, Refinement, and Replacement for animal testing.
  • Validated assay readout according to FDA Bioanalytical Method Guidelines.
  • Available as GLP or non-GLP contract services.
  • Fast turnaround time: Usually within 7 days or less depending on cell type and species.


For more information on ComparTOX™ Contract Services, please download the ComparaTOX™ Information Flyer or contact HemoGenix® to discuss how ComparaTOX™ can be used to achieve the goals of comparative toxicology.