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In Vitro Neurotoxicity Contract Services 

Neurotoxicity Contract Research Services performed at HemoGenix® 


For more information on neurotoxicity services, please contact HemoGenix® at or call (719) 264-6250. These services are also available through Science Exchange.


  • In vitro assay platform using human ES-derived hNP1 Neural Progenitor Cells or hN2 Neuonal cells for in vitro neurotoxicity testing.
  • Incorporates the most sensitive ATP bioluminescence readout available to measure proliferation, cytotoxicity, cell number and even apoptosis.
  • NeuroGlo™-Tox HT is a calibrated and fully standardized assay platform allowing results to be compared over time.
  • NeuroGlo™-Tox HT incorporates specific neural growth media.
  • High-throughput capability using 96- or 384-well plate formats allows ADME-Tox drug or compound screening, thereby significantly reducing unexpected results during pre-clinical testing.
  • 2D and 3D stem cell culture and high throughput toxicity testing capability.
  • Results usually within 7 days.
  • Validated readout according to FDA Bioanalytical Method Guidelines.
  • Designed for multiplexing with other assay using the same sample (see below).
  • A 3Rs Assay Platform-Helps Reduction, Refinement, Replacement for animal testing.

  • Human ES (H9, WA09)-derived Neural Progenitor Cells
  • Feeder-free
  • Serum-free growth
  • Stable, diploid karyotype Adherent, proliferating cell line
  • Proneural markers: >90% Nestin and Sox 2 positive
  • Embryonic marker: <5% Oct-4
  • Phenotypic differentiation potential:
    • Dopaminergic cells
    • Cholinergic cells
    • Glutametergic cells
    • GABA-ergic cells
    • Serotonergic cells
    • Astrocytic cells 

  • Membrane integrity: LDH and/or PI
  • Biochemical apoptosis assays: Caspases
  • FloDiff™: Cell cycle and apoptosis
  • OxyFLOW: Oxidative DNA Damage
  • Oxidative stress: GSH
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction: Mitochondrial ToxGlo™