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What's New?

JUNE 19 2017. Preferred Cell Systems™ takes over all HemoGenix® Assay Kit and Reagent Products
2/21/2017. Watch the HemoGenix Introductory Video.

Our Introductory Video was a hit on our Facebook page and is now on the HemoGenix YouTube Channel.

Watch the video.

12/15/2016. HemoGenix releases a YouTube video and an accompanying Application Note to commenorate 50 Years of Colony-Forming Assays for Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells.

Download the Application Note.


12/15/2016. Comparison of Availability of Assays for Hematopoietic Cell Populations from HemoGenix and Other Suppliers.

Download the Table.  


6/30/2016. HemoGenix adds GMP grades of CRUXRUFA Human Platelet Lysate to its inventory. CRUXRUFA Human Platelet Lysate is now available in Research Grade, GMP Grade and GMP+Q Grade.

Go to the CRUXRUFA webpage.


6/20/2016. Introducing MSCGlo-Real Time at the International Society of Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) (June 21-June 24, 2016). MSCGlo-Real Time is the first-of-its-kind assay to measure mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells (MSCs) as they grow in culture.

Go to the MSCGlo-Real Time webpage


7/20/2015. Online publication in STEM CELLS - Translational Medicine of "Improving Quality and Potency Testing for Umbilical Cord Blood: A New Perspective. 2015; 4: 1-7.

Go to or click here.

7/17/2015. Summary Results from Webinar Survey on Cord Blood Testing.

See the results here.


7/15/15. HemoGenix® launches HemoGro™ serum-free medium for human and non-human primate lympho-hematopoietic cells.

Navigate to the HemoGro™ webpage. Download the HemoGro™ flyer.

6/30/2015. Webinar on "New Perspectives in Cord Blood Testing"

Go to "Videos" page and scroll doen to "Umbilical Cord Blood Banking & Stem Cell Transplantation".

6/1/2015. STEM CELLS - Transplational Medicine accepts article entitled "Improving Quality and Potency Testing for Umbilical Cord Blood - A New Perspective" by Ivan N. Rich, CEO of HemoGenix®.
May 27-31, 2015. Poster entitled "The total nucleated cell (TNC) fraction and dye exclusion viability cannot be used to measure the quality and potency of umbilical cord blood cells in segments and units" was presented at the International Society of Cellular Therapy (ISCT) meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

Download the poster here.

5/12/2015. Article by I.N. Rich published in the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation on "Testing Failure: Cord blood banks do not measure Quality and Potency of stem cells given to patients".

Read the article here.

2/11/2015. Article by Patterson J, Moore CH, Palser E, Hearn JC, Dumitru D, Harper HA, Rich IN accepted for publication in the Journal of Translational Medicine.

To download the article entitled "Detecting Primitive Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Total Nucleated and Mononuclear Cell Fractions from Umbilical Cord Blood Segments and Units", please click here.


8/6/2014. HemoGenix® Announces a Major Advancement to Promote Best Practices in Umbilical Cord Blood Testing and Paitient Transplant Outcome.

Colorado Springs, CO. – August 6, 2014. HemoGenix® announced today that results from its HALO® family of cell therapy (CT) assays, which measure stem cell quality and potency of umbilical cord blood (UCB) units prior to transplantation, can now be uploaded to the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) EmTrax UCB database. Read the Press Release

7/1/2014. HemoGenix® launches HALO®-PT, a Proficiency Testing Program for all HemoGenix® hematopoietic cellular therapy assays. Click here to go to the HALO®-PT webpage. 
June 5-7, 2014. HemoGenix® exhibits and presents poster at the 12th International Cord Blood Symposium in San Francisco, CA

To view and download the poster entitled "A Cord Blood Potency Assay that Accurately Predicts Engraftment Potenial", please click here.


2014 Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Brochure is now available for download. 

Download the new Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Assay Brochure as a PDF file.


3/18/2013. HALO®-96 SPC-QC FDA Master File.
HemoGenix has received a Master File Number from FDA CBER for its HALO-96 SPC-QC assay, a blood stem cell quality control assay for cord blood banks and stem cell processing transplantation laboratories. The assay is used to ensure that stem cell "quality" is not lost during a processing or cryopreservation procedure prior to use in the patient. The assay, first developed in 2005, is the second to receive a Master File Number from the FDA. HALO-96 PQR, the first commercially available potency assay for blood stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood or bone marrow received a Master File Number in 2012. HALO-96 SPC-QC and HALO-96 PQR are two of seven assays developed by HemoGenix for cellular therapy and regenerative medicine. Receiving a Master File Number means that Biologics License Applications (BLA) and Investigational New Drugs (IND) applications can reference the Master File without having to provide documentation.
12/10/2012. HemoGenix® in vitro high throughput screening assays cited in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology New (GEN) article on "Better, Earlier ADME/Tox Predictions in Cells" December 2012, Vol:32/21, pp18-21. 

Read the article here.

6/25/2012. HALO®-96 PQR FDA Master File: The first commercially available potency, quality and release assay for cellular therapeutic products.

Read the entire Press Release.


May, 2012. HemoGenix becomes a Member of the Alliance for Rgenerative Medicine

HemoGenix® became a member of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine. "This is a great opportunity for HemoGenix® to take an active role to help improve the quality and potency of cellular products for thereapeutic use". For more information, click here.   

2/21/2012. HemoGenix® Scientific Advisory Board

HemoGenix® announces its new Scientific Advisory Board. Click here.

1/27/2012. Stem Cell Potency Article

The first definitive publication to measure stem cell potency of umbilical cord blood, mobilized peripheral blood or bone marrow by Hall et al. was released online today. To download the article, click "Hematopoietic Stem Cell Potency for Cellular Therapeutic Transplantation". Go to the HALO®-96 PQR product page.

1/1/2012. HemoGenix® launches the largest role-out of new assays in its 11 year history.

HemoGenix has launched the largest nummber of new assays in its history. These include the fluorescence and absorbance assay HemoFLUOR™-96 and HemoLIGHT™-96 for hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells that join the HALO® and CAMEO™ assay platforms. In addition, HemoFLUOR™-96 PCAEQ and HemoLIGHT™-96 PCAEQ now joins HALO®-96 PCAEQ as CFU/CFC equivalent assays for hematopoietic cellular therapy. HALO®-96 PMT is joined by HemoFLUOR™-96 PMT and HemoLIGHT™-96 PMT as engraftment and reconstitution assays.


The ATP bioluminescence MSCGlo™-96 assays are accompanied by MSCFluor™-96 and MSCLight™-96 fluorescence and absorbance assays, respectively for mesenchymal stem/stromal cells.


New to the HemoGenix® product line are assays for immune cells, including the lymphocyte proliferation assays, Immuno-Glo™-96, ImmunoFLUOR™-96 and ImmunoLIGHT™-96 and mixed lymphocyte culture assays, ImmunoGlo™-MLC.

11/15/2011. HemoGenix® publishes a New White Paper on Stem Cell Toxicity Testing

HemoGenix® is a leader in stem cell toxicity testing providing both proprietary contract research services and assay kits for several different stem cell systems. Today, HemoGenix published a definitive White Paper on "Stem Cells and Predictive In Vitro Toxicity Testing". The article describes what the characteristics of stem cells and how they can be detected. The article also tackles the question of whether embryonic stem (ES) cells and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells can be used to predict toxicity and what should be learnt prior to this occuring. To download the White Paper, click here.   

11/15/2011. HemoGenix® launches new In Vitro Immunotoxicity Testing Service

11/15/2011. HemoGenix® launched its new contract research service for in vitro toxicity testing. Together with its extensive array of hemotoxicity screening and testing services, the inclusion of in vitro immunotoxicity testing enhances and completes the company's capability for detecting effects on the lympho-hematopoietic stem cell system. For more information on In Vitro Immunotoxicity Testing, click here.


4/8/2011. Co-Marketing Agreement with ArunA Biomedical

HemoGenix® is proud to announce a co-marketing agreement with ArunA Biomedical. ArunA was the first company to commercialize human embryonic stem (ES) cell-derived neuronal and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). Read the Press Release.


3/29/2011. HemoGenix® Announces the Launch of HepatoGlo™-Tox HT, a Contract Services In Vitro Hepatotoxicity Screening Platform.

HemoGenix® has become the leader in hemotoxicity screening and testing using its HALO®-Tox HT bioluminomics™ platform. It has also developed other bioluminomics™ assay platforms namely for mesenchymal stem cells for primary stem and explanted cells (STEMAssays™), stem cell lines and transformed cell lines. A special variation of the STEMGlo™-Tox HT platform has now been developed, called HepatoGlo™-Tox HT, specifically for hepatotoxicity screening and testing contract services provided by HemoGenix®.


3/25/2011. HemoGenix® Launches New Website. 

Information and technology surrounds us. Accessing and understanding the information and technology becomes more difficult. The new HemoGenix website focuses on scientific applications related to several biological systems and the methods by which these systems can provide information using advanced assay technology. The website has been designed so that the user can find information with just 2-3 mouse clicks.


1/3/2011. HemoGenix® Announces the Launch of STEMpredict™

After requests to develop a fast stem cell growth and functionality assay that could be used in stem cell transplantation and cord blood processing laboratories, HemoGenix™ launched STEMpredict™. In contrast to all other assays commercially available, STEMpredict™ is the most rapid and reliable assay to detect stem cell product growth, functionality and viability in a single assay. STEMpredict™ incorporates proven bioluminomics™ technology that allows comparison of results within and between laboratories. Bioluminomics™ technology also allows the assay to be validated, an important aspect for all products that are used in the clinic. For more information on STEMpredict™ applications, click here. To see information on the STEMpredict™ assay, please click here.


10/19/2010. Vitro Expands HemoGenix Alliance to Include Cell-based Testing for Liver Toxicity

HemoGenix® and Vitro Biopharma announced an amendment to jointly manufacture and distribute stem cell analysis tools. Read the Press Release.


4/2/2010. Vitro Forms a Strategic Alliance with a Leading Stem Cell Company

HemoGenix® has forms a strategic alliance with Vitro Biopharma, located in Golden, Colorado to incorporate Vitro's media in its MSC Assay Kits for mesenchymal stem cells.  Read the Press Release.